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Socio-Cultural Revolution — Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band vs. 808’s & Heartbreak

Ocean is probably the most unique artist of our generation and Blonde cemented it

Blonde’s Front Cover

Frank Ocean — Blonde

Genre (s): R&B, avant-garde soul, psychedelic pop

Tracklist: Here

The album under review, is titled Blonde (stylised as Blond) by African American artist Frank Ocean, released in 2016 by Blonded (Beats 1 radio show and label company, conducted by Ocean).

The album was issued in two different versions: the physical version in magazines (like Boys Don’t Cry, Ocean’s zine magazine) given away in pop-up stores around the country; and the digital one on iTunes (which is the version in review).

In this project, he exhibits all his vulnerability through true life episodes and pop culture references…

Let’s talk about Voodoo, a masterpiece as few other music works are

Voodoo’s Front Cover

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D’Angelo — Voodoo

Genre(s): Neo soul, funk, soul, jazz

Tracklist: Here

The album under review is called Voodoo by African-American artist D’Angelo, released in 2000 by Virgin Records.

When I first discovered this album, from its cover it seemed to be something totally different from what I later found out, and it is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and ambitious musical projects I have ever heard, both sonically and…


Hi!! My name’s Miguel and I’m a music and culture writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Lisbon, Portugal. I hope that my writing will keep you busy :)

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